Black Diamond

Black Diamond

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Black Diamond Lip Topper Set 


A revolutionary lip topper pigment that instantly transforms your lipstick. Our Black Diamond Lip Topper Pigment is a carbon black based lip pigment packed with stunning sparkle. *This is a lip pigment not a glitter.* Black Diamond pigment is also eye safe. Apply wet for a stunning, sparkling eye shadow! 

Collection includes:

Black Out Matte Lipstick

5 gram jar of our loose Black Diamond Lip Topper Pigment

Matte, Long wearing and non-gritty. Not your average glitter lip! 

How to use:

Apply Black Out Matte Lipstick

Gently pat on Black Diamond Lip Topper all over your lipstick. A flat brush or your finger will do the trick! 

Cruelty-Free Never Tested on Animals.

Also: Paraben & Gluten-Free / Net Wt: 4 grams / 0.14 oz