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  • Mermaid Vibes - Micki Song Cosmetics
  • Mermaid Vibes - Micki Song Cosmetics
  • Mermaid Vibes - Micki Song Cosmetics

Micki Song Cosmetics

Mermaid Vibes

$ 14.00


MERMAID VIBES Glitter Head™ Hair and body gel.

*Free Glitter Gloss with purchase of any Glitter Head™ shade for a limited time! 

Mermaid Vibes is a magical blend of blues, greens, purples and more. Containing multiple shades and sizes of cosmetic grade glitter. 

Glitter Head™ are unique 100% custom blends of magical glitter gel intended for use on the hair and body. Our formula will dry down to a transfer proof finish. WT 1.06 OZ  Cruelty-Free.

How to use:

For use on hair apply with tint brush or finger. For use as body glitter apply using fingers to rub in product on desired area for best results. Not intended for use around the eyes or mouth.


1.Part hair down the middle and apply product with tint brush or finger to your roots.

2. Add glitter to the ends of your hair.

3. Glitter up your bun, braid or pony tail!


For hair: Brush out product and wash as normal. For removal on body: rinse with water. Product will remove very easily.

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